Our mission is to improve quality of life through the enhancement, preservation, and restoration of vision.

The vision of NYU Langone Health’s Department of Ophthalmology is to:

  • Lead in eye care quality and access.
  • Create and translate new ophthalmic and vision science and technology innovations from the laboratory to our patients.
  • Educate future generations on the fundamentals and state of the art in eye health, disease and treatment.

We achieve these goals in a number of ways:

  • Clinical patient care—NYU Langone is rated among the top patient care institutions in the United States. We combine outstanding quality of personalized care with excellent service.
  • Research—NYU Langone’s Ophthalmology and Vision Science research focuses on enhancement, restoration and regeneration of vision, including developing and implementing advanced diagnostic imaging technology and understanding visual pathways and perception in health and disease.
  • Teaching—We have a stellar teaching program, training seven residents per year in a three-year program. The program includes experiences at Bellevue Hospital, which has New York City’s busiest emergency room; Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, another HHC institution; the Manhattan VA Medical Center; and the NYU Langone Ambulatory Care Center Faculty Group Practice. Graduates go on to clinical, research, and clinician-scientist careers.


  • We are one Department of Ophthalmology, providing the same top quality of care at all locations and in all environments.
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